Blood moons have a dark and ominous history. Here's why

Signs. Portents. Omens. There’s something primal about the Moon. Even in this enlightened age, its glow can evoke a mystical experience. Little wonder so much mythology surrounds it.

It’s just a rock in the sky.

And plenty of tricks of light play across its face as it joins the Sun and Earth on their dance across the cosmos.

We understand everything about it down to the millimeter and millisecond.

That’s how we know that this Saturday will be the longest ‘blood moon’ for the century. Because it is at a far point in its orbit, the process will last some six hours and 14 minutes.

It will be completely in shadow for 1 hour 43 minutes.

The moon will start getting red about 4:30am AEST Saturday morning. The moon will be close to the horizon in the west-south-west. The total eclipse will takes place between 5:30 and 6:30am. It will then set at 6:55am.

This well-established clockwork of phases, colors and alignments still evokes a strong sense of mystery.

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