Baby great white sharks surprise Southern California beachgoers

Cue the John Williams score – there’ve been great white shark sightings very close off the shores of the beach at Ventura, Calif. But, experts say, this is nothing worry about – these are “Jaws” of the baby variety. About eight to 10 juvenile sharks have been spotted sticking close to the warmest, shallowest areas near the coastline.

“I didn’t think we had sharks around here like that,” one beachgoer told Fox News. “It makes me a little nervous.”

Another man said that the shark threat is “greatly overblown.”

“They (sharks) don’t want people any more than people want them,” he said.

Surfers first spotted the sharks, which range in size from 3 to 6 feet long, about a month ago. Shark experts have informed beach visitors and Ventura residents that they have nothing to fear – these baby sharks feed on stingrays and fish, and pose no real threat to humans.