Archaeologists find ancient jewelry near site of biblical Armageddon

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Israeli archaeologists have unearthed a stash of rare ancient jewelry near the site of the biblical Armageddon in the north of the country.

Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, who co-directed the dig, said this week that the find offers a rare glimpse into ancient Canaanite high society. The 3,000-year-old jewelry was found inside a ceramic vessel, suggesting the owner hid them before fleeing, he said.

The university said in a statement that "The trove is among the most valuable ever found from the Biblical period." It said that one piece in particular, a gold earring decorated with molded ibexes, or wild goats, is "without parallel."

According to the New Testament, Megiddo will be the arena for the final apocalyptic battle between good and evil.