Clamp on your foil hat and cower under your bed, Alien Abduction Day is here!

March 20 is Alien Abduction Day, when "the skies are carefully watched by those expecting / wishing to be abducted by an alien life form," states eHow.com.

The strange holiday's origins are unclear, though it was clearly popularized by the 2008 Alien Abduction Day festival in Toronto. (See 2008's promotional poster.) That means no "Free UFO Rides," "Random Abduction Incidents" or "getting in touch with your inner-extraterrestrial," which were highlighted on a flyer for a past festival.

The festival was an all around sci-fi street party in Toronto, sponsored by a comic book shop and several local businesses. But references online exist to the even from years earlier -- and watch for Twitter to heat up Saturday with the #AlienAbductionDay tag.

For UFO fans in Toronto and beyond, hoping to celebrate this year, eHow.com offers the following tips for enjoying your own Alien Abduction Day.

For starters, you can keep track of all your alien and UFO sightings. If you are new at this sort of extraterrestrial stuff, UFOcenter.com can help. You will find "The Web's most comprehensive and up-to-date UFO information source; provided by America's foremost UFO Reporting Agency; in continuous operation since 1974." The site even features a UFO sighting report form.

Another idea, thanks to eHow.com, is to visit a Web site devoted to alien abduction experiences at Abduct.com. This site describes itself as "the world's oldest and largest research Web site into the alien abduction and UFO experience." It features several computer screens worth of helpful UFO/alien links, along with an Alien Abduction Survey, discussion group, questions and answers, research, photos, drawings, personal encounters, and more.

If this is all a little too far out, go more mainstream and simply enjoy an alien abduction movie on March 20. Here are a few suggestions: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "Fire in the Sky," "Men in Black," "The Astronaut's Wife," "Taken" and "Signs."

Still too much? There's always "Ghost Busters."

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