11-foot alligator caught in Florida pool

A Florida man thought there was an “intruder” in his backyard pool on Friday — but found out the “suspect” he was looking for was an 11-foot alligator.

Rob Carver told FOX13 he heard noise in the backyard of his Sarasota home and thought it was a "two-legged intruder" lurking around.

“I thought a two-legged intruder,” Carver said. “I turned on the lights and looked out the bedroom window, and I saw something outside the lanai and at first I thought it was a bobcat, but then I looked at it and said, ‘Oh my God, that’s a large alligator.’”

“Next thing I know the gator comes right through the screen like butter,” he added.

Carver called trappers who used ropes to pull the gator out of the pool as the reptile thrashed around. The gator was eventually taken away later that night.

“It wasn’t like just this little creature, but it was not [sic] quite a monster,” Carver said.

"Just when you think your #TweetFromTheBeat is off to a slow start... you get a call for a #gator in a swimming pool #Florida #OnlyInSarasota #SOS #SendHelp," the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook, which received more than 2,000 reactions and 3,000 shares as of Sunday morning.

The Florida Fish and Wild Conservation Commission told FOX13 captured alligators are usually processed for its hide and meat. On some occasions the alligators are sold alive to an alligator farm, exhibit or zoo.