Why isn't education a bigger election issue?

Most Americans agree that communities thrive when they have access to high-quality education. Polls show that voters expect more out of the nation's public schools. Yet, just 4 percent of Americans think education is the country's most important problem, according to Gallup. The question is, "Why so few?"

There seems to be a disconnect between how people view their local schools and how they view schools nationwide. More than 50 percent of Americans give their local public schools an A or a B grade, according to the 2015 Education Next Poll. Ask Americans to grade public schools nationwide, however, and only 23 percent give an A or B grade.

Americans are concerned about education nationwide, but not as much as they would be if they were more concerned about their local schools.

Even if Americans were concerned about their local schools, it's not clear they would expect the president, or anyone else at the federal level, to do something about it.

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