WATCH: 'SNL' parodies Carson's narrative

Ben Carson was the butt of more than a few jokes this week on "Saturday Night Live" in a skit on the character "Young Ben Carson."

"What are you doing in this neighborhood? Like a Muslim in the White House, you don't belong," the Carson character inveighs at the beginning of the skit.

"Ha ha, you're out there, Ben," another character responds. "You're crazy, man."

The skit pokes fun at some of the alleged inconsistencies in Carson's life story, as well as some of his more outlandish political analogies (frequent comparisons to the Third Reich), and dubious scientific claims. The skit also repeatedly notes the size of Carson's eyes, and his lack of a large degree of visible emotion, despite claiming to have had of a violent, fast temper as a child and teenager.

"He's mad now," another character says to others' surprise.