In an interview with Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts ahead of his first campaign rally since March, President Trump said the White House will be announcing new guest worker visa restrictions in the coming days and sounded off about the recent protests that have been happening around the country.

"We have plenty of people looking for jobs. It's going rapidly," he said. "You know, we set a record last month in the history of our country. We did a better job than they've ever done on jobs. The country's coming back. It's coming back very, very fast.

"But we're going to be announcing something tomorrow or the next day on visas," Trump continued. "And I think it's going to make a lot of people happy. And it's common sense, to be honest with you."

Roberts asked Trump for a preview of the details, but all the president would say is that Americans would be content with the results.

"No preview, other than, people are going to be happy," he replied. "[With unemployment], we were at less than 3.5 percent. All of a sudden we had to close the country. By the way, if we didn't do that, we would have had -- I would probably say four million deaths."

The president already hinted at taking executive action on visas this week, in light of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus restrictions and state lockdowns. The order will reportedly suspend a number of guest worker programs.

Trump signed an order in April suspending some forms of immigration, citing “the impact of foreign workers on the United States labor market, particularly in an environment of high domestic unemployment and depressed demand for labor” as a reason for the restriction, as well as pressures on health care and other factors.


He also doubled down on his promise to rescind the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which gave legal protections to immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children.

His comments come just two days after the Supreme Court ruled against the White House on the matter. "We're going to refile," the president reiterated. "Because basically, we won."

Roberts asked if it would happen before November's election and Trump said it likely would.

"I will. And I hope we can go directly to the Supreme Court. Maybe we can't. But if you read the opinion, we won. But we have to refile and everything is going to work out for DACA," he explained. "Yeah. We're going to refile and probably pretty soon."

At the same time, the White House has vowed a compassionate solution and Trump vowed, "Everything's going to work out for DACA and the young people."

He took the opportunity to praise those who came out to support him in Tulsa, Okla., for his campaign rally and addressed anti-police protests that have taken place following the death of George Floyd -- but also those protesting the rally itself and targeting controversial monuments.

"That’s why I’m here, people want to do it. We had a lot of protesters that were nasty outside. I think the police did a very good job, but we had a lot of nasty protesters throwing things and screaming. They're disgraceful. They're a disgrace to our country," he said. "And that’s the game they want to play. I think we're going to do really well. The campaign's starting. These folks that showed up tonight -- they're amazing people."


When asked about the risks of such a gathering, the commander in chief said there was only a minimal chance of becoming sick, adding that the country cannot remain closed forever.

"There is a risk but there's also something of a tiny, little percentage have a problem with it," Trump explained. "You build up immunity and we have to get our country back. We can’t keep doing this. We could stay out for five years. I'm sure that would make China very happy... we have to get going. We have to get our country back."

He then spoke about how lockdowns and recent protests have affected his presidential campaign, before criticizing Joe Biden for staying inside of his home.

"All of a sudden, we're sitting at the White House for three months without leaving, then it's a tough thing," Trump said. "They had no momentum going. I mean Biden is still in the basement."

He added: "There is an urgency. We have to do rallies, that's what we do well... and then we were greeted with all of these wise guys. They call them protesters. They're not protesters. They're agitators and they're anarchists, and they wear the black. They think they’re hot stuff. And they’re nothing. They're nothing... These protests are all paid protests... I see them pulling down monuments. They don't even know what monument it is for the most part. They pulled one down to Gandhi."


Trump also addressed former National Security Adviser John Bolton's new tell-all book and called his actions "treasonous," after a judge allowed for it to be released. Trump claimed Bolton shouldn't be allowed to keep the profits from the book's sale.

"He had a very bad opinion, I mean, the judge was fantastic," he said. "The judge ruled, look the book is already out. What can I do? And he’s right... I would have said even a week ago, pull it back... He did a very bad thing. It's really treasonous, okay, what he did. But the book is out. But what he said about the money is that essentially it should come back to us... and most importantly, look at the classified information."

Trump added: "He released massive amounts of classified information... That's illegal and you go to jail for that. And he should have known that. You go to jail for that. I think some of it was classified by him."

Fox News' Adam Shaw contributed to this report.