Trump: 'Of course' Carson would do SNL

Donald Trump is calling Ben Carson's bluff with "Saturday Night Live."

While Carson has said repeatedly that he would not make an appearance on the show during the campaign, Trump doesn't believe that for a second, telling the "TODAY Show" Thursday that "of course" his GOP rival would do it. However, as Trump argues, he doesn't think SNL would ask him to do it.

"He said he would never do it, but of course he would do it," Trump told host Savannah Guthrie. "They didn't ask him to do it, and, you know, 'Saturday Night Live' is a special thing. It's like being on '60 Minutes.' I was on '60 Minutes' a month ago. There are certain iconic brands, iconic things, and he would certainly do it if he was asked."

"I mean, every president probably that you can think of and many of the candidates have done it," Trump said. "But I don't think they'll ask him, and ... but I know if they did ask him, he would do it."