Trump: ‘My Emails Are So Boring, I Would Release Them Tomorrow’

Donald Trump says “honestly my emails are so boring, Iwould release them tomorrow.”

Trump, in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt Thursday, said that he assumes thathis emails “are being looked at by other people.”

Hewitt asked Trump, “Are your emails at the Trumpoperation, are your servers protected? Does the privatesector have an advantage here over governmentcontracting?”

Trump explained, “They are in theory very secure but youknow, honestly my emails are so boring, I would release themtomorrow. My emails are not exciting. And I’mnot a big fan of that email stuff. I’ve seenseen so many people have problems because of emails.”(RELATED: WikiLeaks Publishes Intimate InformationOn CIA Chief’s Wife AndDaughters)

“In the old days, when you wanted to attack,” Trumpexplained, “you had a courier with armed guards, and youwould have an envelope, and you would give it to the general. Nowyou send it to the general and you have no idea how many people arewatching and reading, they’re hacking yourmessages. It’s really pretty — I thinkMacArthur would not like the whole concept of computers.”

“When you look at heads of agencies that had been totallyhacked,” Trump said. “And I mean totally hacked. And Iguess there was one yesterday, the day before where some young kidwas hacking top people in different agencies. I mean,that’s, that’s pretty, prettysad stuff. I’m not sure that you could stop it,to be honest with you. I think computers, are very, when you talkabout lack of security, I think there is a great lack of securitywith computers.”


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