Trump and Brazil's president base 'important relationship' on capitalism, conservatism and anti-elitism: Matthew Continetti

The strong bond between President Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro can be traced to the values they share, Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti said Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Trump offered a warm welcome to Bolsonaro in a White House meeting that not only heavily focused on the self-destruction of Venezuela but also on Trump floating the idea of Brazil joining NATO.

During Tuesday's "Special Report" All-Star panel, Continetti -- along with Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York and Cook Political Report national editor Amy Walter -- weighed on Trump’s alliance with Bolsonaro and their joint news conference.


York began by pointing out that Trump many have “adlibbed” about Brazil’s inclusion into NATO since his national security advisor John Bolton dismissed the idea ours after the press conference, but expressed hope that their alliance can still make an impact in Venezuela.

Walter told the panel that Bolsonaro is one of the very few world leaders where Trump sees “eye-to-eye” regarding how government works and “fake news” and it shows that Trump “has allies around the world who are willing to stand side-by-side with him.”


Meanwhile, Continetti insisted that both Trump and Bolsonaro have “one of the most important relationships” in the world.

“They both represent a new model of leadership for democracies and that is they’re both nationalists, they’re both anti-elitists, they’re both socially conservative and you can tell by Bolsonaro’s rhetoric that his voters are very similar to many of Trump’s voters and what they care about and what they believe, and they’re also capitalists,” Continetti told the panel. “So socialism became an issue in this press conference as well. Trump once again framing the 2020 debate in terms of socialism versus capitalism. This is an argument that Bolsonaro can understand as well as Trump.”