The White House Garden Harvest

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It's fall harvest time at the White House and First Lady Michelle Obama showed a group of local Washington, DC school children what happens with some seeds, water and hard work. Mrs. Obama and the young farmers pulled carrots, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other vegetables from the small garden on the White House grounds. Mrs. Obama admitted she's already seen some of the bounty. "My girls and I, we got a couple of the sweet potatoes, she told the fifth graders, "these sweet potatoes are huge! They're huge."

She explained to the elementary school children that it cost less than $200 to grow the vegetables which have amounted to over 740 pounds. The food has been used by the White House chefs but most of it has been donated to local soup kitchens. Thursday's harvest recipient is "Miriam's Kitchen" which helps the homeless with free, healthy homemade meals.

The First Lady got down on her hands and knees and helped the kids dig up the vegetables. There was a high five with a young girl after wrestling a particularly stubborn fennel bulb. "Way to go! Way to stay focused," Mrs. Obama told her. And with that, the children gathered their bounty and stood around the First Lady for a group photo.