Senate Returns Thursday For Border Security Bill

Because of a technical change on the House side to the $600 million border security bill, the Senate, which recently approved the bill without a single objection, will reconvene Thursday at 10am ET to do so once again.

But don't expect 100 senators to come trooping back to town like their House colleagues.

At least two senators are expected in the chamber - a Democratic senator to preside, and a Democratic senator to seek unanimous consent that the Senate pass the bill --- and Fox has learned that will be the bill's author, Chuck Schumer of New York, with Ben Cardin from nearby Maryland in the chair.

Since this has all been worked out behind the scenes, Republicans are not likely to have anyone present for what is expected to be an approximately five minute-long session.

"We have this all locked down," said one senior GOP leadership aide.

Once the bill is passed, it's ready for President Obama's signature.

The Senate is also expected to pass a resolution honoring the late Senator Ted Stevens, R-AK, the longest-serving GOP senator, but tribute speeches are expected to wait until the Senate returns September 13th.