Scott Walker joins Jeb Bush on the campaign trail

Gov. Scott Walker reemerged on the presidential campaign trail in Wisconsin alongside former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday. One day before the next GOP presidential debate, the two stood side-by-side in Waukesha to tout the various education reforms they enacted in their respective states.

Bush lauded Walker as a "great governor" who fights each and everyday for implementing school choice. When Walker grabbed the microphone he returned the praise on Bush tenfold, but stopped short of offering his endorsement.

"Thanks Governor Bush, not just for introducing me and thanks for being here, but thank you for being such a great leader in Florida, not just people in the state of Florida but people all across this country," Walker said. "Some of you may know this and others may not, but we looked — as did many other governors that were elected in 2010—at what happened in Florida because it was a transformation. We appreciate that leadership."

While Walker was all smiles alongside his former rival on Monday, the joint appearance does not mean Bush has won the Wisconsinite's exclusive support. A Walker aide told the Washington Examiner that the Wisconsin governor has plans to attend an event with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and may choose to engage with other candidates going forward.

The joint appearance at the Hispanics for School Choice event would have seemed unlikely earlier this summer. Walker's campaign folded fewer than three months after it started and Bush's poll numbers have plummeted nationwide. Bush, who dropped to eighth in the Washington Examiner's most recent GOP presidential power rankings, will no longer stand near the center of the stage when he appears at Tuesday night's debate.