Rubio on Crist: 'Some people can't live without' running for office

Marco Rubio told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that his onetime Senate opponent Charlie Crist just can't live without running for political office.

Rubio made the comment while discussing his presidential campaign fundraising, saying that he knew he would not raise the most money, just as he did not in 2010 while running for the GOP nod for Senate against Crist, who was the sitting governor at the time.

"Look, I'm not the first choice of the kind of entrenched Republican establishment, I knew that going in when I ran for the Senate, and I was badly outraised by the governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. I knew that now going into this race," Rubio said before Cavuto cut him off to ask about Crist's run for Congress against GOP Rep. David Jolly.

"I know, I know," Rubio said smiling. "Well, some people can't live without it I guess. I'll let the voters in that area decide. I think they know we don't need more of Charlie Crist."

Rubio made his name initially after trouncing Crist, who ran as an independent, in the 2010 race by 17 points. Crist was forced to abandon his bid for the GOP nomination prior to the primary election after Rubio overtook him in the polls.