ObamaCare provision could lead to more Medicaid fraud

Those who believe ObamaCare can’t get any worse can, think again.

A relatively new provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires states to accept temporary eligibility determinations from Medicaid-enrolled hospitals is opening up the Medicaid program to even more fraud, which in turn creates additional opportunities to raid the pockets of taxpayers, sources say.

A former Medicaid director also is questioning Section 2202 of the ACA because he says it’s inconsistent with the whole premise of Obamacare and gives non-government entities access to public funds.

Under the regulation, hospitals have the authority to use presumptive eligibility to provide temporary care for the uninsured who fall into the Medicaid categories that their respective state already covers, Medicaid spokeswoman Emma Sandoe said.

But if it’s later found that a patient does not qualify for public assistance, the state is on the hook for those costs.

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