New DNC Television Spot Includes Former President Bush

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) invoked former President George W. Bush in a new television ad aimed to rally the base ahead of the November elections. The spot, titled "Big Choices" which is slated to for a national cable run across the country, includes a soundbite from the former president.

The voiceover asks a series of questions, "This fall, America faces a big choice: Do we continue to move forward like the Democrats are doing...Or do we go back to the same Republican policies that got us into this mess?" It's then followed by an old Bush comment where he had said, "you can't get fooled again."

The ad follows a theme that Democrats have charged, spear-headed by President Obama, using car analogy that Republicans were "driving" the nation in the wrong direction. Republicans have fired back that it's the current policies that are causing a continued economic downturn.

There are 74 days until the mid-term election and the ad comes as the DNC is also closing its summer general session in St. Louis where Vice President Biden and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine are outlining the Democrats' agenda ahead of November.

Watch the ad here.

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