Morgan Freeman donates $1M to pro-Obama super PAC

Actor Morgan Freeman has donated $1 million to the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action.

Friday's FEC filing will show Priorities USA Action raised over $6 million in June, which includes Freeman's contribution last month.

In a statement, Freeman praised President Obama for doing a "remarkable job in historically difficult circumstances."

"He ended combat operations in Iraq, put in place sensible reforms of Wall Street, saved the auto industry and protected the health care of every American," Freeman wrote. "He has led our nation to be more tolerant and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court. In return, he is the target of hundreds of millions of dollars from right-wing sources."

"I am proud to lend my voice -- and support -- to those who defend him," Freeman continued. "Priorities USA Action is doing a great job of protecting the values I believe in. I am happy to help them and I hope others will join me.

The June haul allows Priorities USA to keep airing ads that depict Mitt Romney as a corporate raider.

Still, Republican super PACS continue to outpace their Democratic counterparts in the race for dollars. In June, the Karl Rove-backed group Crossroads GPS announced it would be launching a $25 million campaign to attack the president on jobs and the federal debt.