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Supreme Court

Obama Slams Supreme Court

Megyn Kelly is fired up about Obama insulting the Supreme Court

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  1. Obama's Supreme Court

    How would Barack Obama change the face of the Court?

  2. Supreme Court Smoking Case

    The first case of the 2008-2009 term focuses on a challenge to tobacco giant Philip Morris

  3. Supreme Court Roundup

    Look back at biggest cases from high court's term

  4. McCain and the Supreme Court

    McCain says he would appoint justices like Roberts and Alito

  5. Obama and the Supreme Court

    Obama says he would appoint justices who show empathy

  6. Arizona and DOJ Headed for Supreme Court Showdown?

    Former top Department of Justice official on where SB 1070 challenge may take federal and state government

  7. Supreme Court Shields Vaccine Makers From Lawsuits

    High Court rules that parents can't sue over harmful side effects

  8. Emotional Case Before Supreme Court

    Are people who protest at the funerals of slain American military personnel exercising protected free speech?

  9. Allow Cameras in the Supreme Court ?

    New push for video coverage of the court

  10. Walmart Sex Bias Claim

    Supreme Court to hear argument

  11. Cheerleader's Free Speech Fight

    Student kicked off squad for refusing to cheer on athlete she says raped her takes case to Supreme Court

  12. Ted Olson on 'FNS'

    Conservative legal giant who argued winning side of Prop 8 decision looks ahead to battle that could reach the Supreme Court

  1. Supreme Court Justices Question Wal-Mart Lawsuit

    Jude Napolitano offers legal expertise on gender discrimination case

  2. Supreme Court Set to Start New Term

    High Court starting term with new Justice Elena Kagan

  3. Supreme Court Hears Westboro Baptist Case

    High Court to decide on controversial free speech case

  4. Supreme Court Back in Session

    Controversial cases lie ahead for high court and new Justice Elena Kagan

  5. Westboro Case Heads to Supreme Court

    Father of fallen Marine takes hate group fight to high court

  6. Supreme Court Rules on Juvenile Sentencing

    Judge Napolitano on new ruling that prohibits juveniles from getting life in prison without parole for crimes other than homicide

  7. Supreme Court Bound?

    Will battle for cities and states to ban guns head to highest court?

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