Michelle Obama gives Boehner eye-roll as he jokes with president

It was a video clip in desperate need of a caption.

During the inaugural luncheon Monday, Michelle Obama could be seen blatantly rolling her eyes at something House Speaker John Boehner told her husband.

The moment was fleeting. As Michelle Obama was seated in the middle, Boehner leaned back for a word -- and apparently a laugh -- with President Obama.

There was no audio on the three of them, but the first lady's face said it all. As Boehner addressed the president, he tapped Michelle Obama's arm. She glanced up, and quickly looked back down.

Then Boehner appeared to crack a joke. He smiled, the president laughed -- whatever Boehner said, it made Michelle Obama pause from her lunch for a few seconds, visibly shaking her head and giving the speaker's comment a hearty eye-roll.

The moment was then interrupted when Sen. Chuck Schumer had everyone join in a round of applause for the chef and caterer.

President Obama and Boehner have been at odds for months over a string of budget issues. After the latest deal to avert the fiscal crisis, Boehner said he would no longer negotiate with the president one-on-one.

Whether the two were getting chummy again at Monday's lunch is unclear -- but it didn't look like the first lady was buying it.

Click to watch the video.