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Chuck Schumer

'Very Impressed'

Sen . Chuck Schumer says Sotomayor has always put rule of law first

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  1. Calling for Competition

    Sen. Schumer wants to pull health insurers' anti-trust exemption

  2. Other Targets?

    The latest developments on the foiled Time Square teror plot

  3. Fallout Over Sen. Schumer's Open Mic Gaffe

    New York senator calls GOP 'extreme' on conference call

  4. Repealing Health Care Law

    GOP senators move agenda forward

  5. What's Next With Budget Talks

    Cal Thomas and Christopher Hahn discuss the budget, spending, social security and more.

  6. Rand Paul Talks Libya, Looming Government Shutdown

    Republican senator on 'Fox & Friends'

  7. Health Care Debate Heats Up

    Reform bill put back to the test

  8. Japan Nuclear Emergency Impacts US

    Potential nuclear meltdown in Japan raises questions in America

  9. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  10. Republicans Starts Health Care Debate

    Is this debate more than symbolism?

  11. Government Shutdown Unavoidable?

    Government Shutdown Unavoidable?

  12. Can Administration Get Gasoline Prices Down?

    Pressure mounts for Obama to take action

  1. 'Possible, But Unlikely'

    Sen . Chuck Schumer on Democrats' chances of securing 60 seats in the Senate

  2. Chuck Schumer Calls for Stricter Gun Control Laws

    Democratic senator says suspected Arizona shooter should never have been able to buy a gun

  3. 'Just Right'

    Sen . Chuck Schumer says President Obama is 'right man at the right time'

  4. Sens. Schumer, Kyl on 'FNS'

    Senators describe what Congress wants as extended part of government bailout

  5. Terrorists Infiltrating Nuke Plants?

    Shocking report on lax security at some of nation's most dangerous facilities

  6. 12 Things The New RNC Chairman Needs To Do Right Now

    What Reince Priebus needs to do

  7. Deadly Accident Sparks Crackdown on Tour Bus Companies

    Problems with driver qualifications and safety violations may be widespread

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