Maria Bartiromo: In order to condemn China, you have to believe America is 'superior'

'Fox News Primetime' host says the Chinese Communist Party is trying to 'divide' us

"Fox News Primetime" host Maria Bartiromo opened the show Friday by asking how Americans can criticize the Chinese Communist Party for its human rights violations while simultaneously believing America is systemically racist. 

MARIA BARTIROMO: As I have said many times it is not enough to denounce the CCP as bad. It is not enough to point out the decades of intellectual property theft, the genocide on its people. It is not enough to denounce the authoritarian control the CCP yields in Hong Kong, in Taiwan and its attempts to do the same across the world. No. You have to actually believe that the free world is superior to the communists.

You have to believe this system lifts people from poverty and creates an American dream never seen before. But how can you? How can you say the free world is superior when you are constantly talking about systemic racism and how bad Anerica is? When you are assuming our 7th and 8th graders are born racist and need to identify as a human not as mom and dad or he or she or white and black? How can you truly justify this system is superior? The CCP is following all of our political debates very closely and they are using this propaganda to divide us.  The Biden administration and the progressives in congress should know that.