The Environmental Protection Agency has a plan in Louisiana's rural Webster Parish to burn 15 million pounds of propellant explosives, originally designed for military use, into the northern Louisiana atmosphere.

People exposed to it might develop cancer or blood pressure problems or even pass on birth defects to their children, experts warn.

Parish residents fear these toxins, which could rise two miles into the atmosphere depending on weather conditions, might eventually cover their entire corner of the state or spread into Texas or Arkansas.

Puzzlingly enough, officials with the Environmental Protection Agency, who otherwise won't hesitate to force landowners to go through long, costly environmental impact statements, aren't doing the same here.

Maybe it's because this is one of the EPA's own special projects.

Frances Kelley lives in nearby Caddo Parish, but these developments have alarmed her as much as they would if she lived in Webster.

Kelley told Louisiana Watchdog she's always involved herself in environmental causes, but this occasion differs from the others.

"There have been people such as myself who completely trusted the EPA, but this has completely undermined our trust," Kelley said.

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