Longest-serving active member of Congress to seek another term

Rep. John Conyers is running for office again.

The Democrat from Michigan told the Detroit Free Press he would seek a 27th term in office. Serving since 1965, Conyers is the longest-serving active member of Congress. Another politician from Michigan, former Rep. John Dingell, holds the record, having served 30 terms in Congress before retiring in 2015. Conyers is also the longest-serving African American member of the House.

"I like what I'm doing, that's the first reason I want to run again. Second, there's plenty left undone," said the the 86-year-old. "I can't imagine anything more uninteresting than being a person that's retired, sitting in a rocking chair."

During his 50 years in Congress, Conyers spearheaded various efforts to further advance and recognize civil rights. He helped found the Congressional Black Caucus and led efforts to create a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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