Kasich refuses to 'play the blame game' after Paris attacks

strong>ORLANDO, Fla. — While several of his Republican rivals have criticized President Obama's strategy to defeat the Islamic State following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France, Ohio Gov. John Kasich took a more somber tone Saturday during remarks to Florida voters.

"Today is not a day of politics or promoting a candidacy. I wouldn't be comfortable with that today," the GOP presidential hopeful told a crowd at the 2015 Sunshine Summit.

"What we saw last night, what we observed on 9/11, what we observed at Fort Hood, what we witnessed in Chattanooga, and what we saw of the murderers who invaded Charlie Hebdo … we need to understand that these attacks really represent an attack on Western civilization," Kasich said.

He continued, "I don't know that this is the time for political criticism or the blame game."

"But I must say that we as a nation, the United States of America, have not shown leadership. We've had an unwillingness to lead," he said.

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