Jail population in Indian communities rises 4 percent

A new study released Sunday by the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that the number of people in prison within Indian country is on the rise.

Among the self-governing Native American communities across the U.S., the jail population rose to 2,380 inmates in midyear 2014 from 2,287 in midyear 2013. That represents a 4 percent bump.

Since 2004, the number of jail facilities has grown from 68 to 79 by midyear 2014.

The number of people admitted to Indian county prisons in June 2014 was 10,460, which is about five time the average population of 2,170 inmates. Half of those in jail that month were convicted inmates. The average stay of an inmate is 6 days.

Domestic violence and aggravated or simple assault accounted for the majority of the incarcerated inmates.

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