HP CEO, ex-GOP gubernatorial candidate Whitman says she'll back Clinton over Trump

Hewlett Packard President and CEO Meg Whitman became the latest prominent Republican to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump Tuesday.

In a statement, Whitman said that voting for Trump in November's general election would "endorse a candidacy that I believe has exploited anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division. Donald Trump’s demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character."

Whitman's statement criticized Trump for what she called "reckless and uninformed positions on critical issues" as well as an "authoritarian character". She added that the real estate mogul would "endanger our prosperity and national security."

In an interview with The New York Times, Whitman said she would donate to Clinton's campaign and try to raise money for her. An aide told the paper Whitman would donate in the "mid-six figures."

There was no immediate response from the Trump campaign.

Whitman, a major GOP fundraiser who unsuccesfully ran for governor of California in 2010, is the latest Republican woman to either refuse to support Trump or vow to support Clinton.

Earlier Tuesday, Maria Comella, a former senior aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, said she would vote for Clinton. Whitman was a chairwoman of Christie's presidential campaign finance team and described his decision to endorse Trump in February as an "astonishing display of political opportunism."

On Monday, top Republican strategist Sally Bradshaw said she would leave the party and would vote for Clinton if the race was close in her home state of Florida.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.