Hope Hicks tapped for interim White House communications director

Hope Hicks, the 28-year-old press aide who has worked with President Trump since before the campaign, has been named interim White House communications director.

A senior White House source confirmed to Fox News that Hicks will fill the role until the White House finds a permanent replacement.

A White House official also said in a brief statement that she "will work with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and all of the communications team" as interim director. "We will make an announcement on a permanent communications director at the appropriate time," the official said.

The announcement follows Anthony Scaramucci’s ouster from that post after just 11 days on the job. President Trump fired Scaramucci in the wake of profanity-laced comments he made about his then-White House colleagues to The New Yorker, which published the remarks.

New Chief of Staff John Kelly was said to have pressed for Scaramucci’s firing.

Scaramucci offered his support Wednesday for Hicks on Twitter, saying, "Hope is a terrific person and will do a great job. Wishing her the best."

In picking Hicks to fill the role in the interim, the president is going with a loyal press aide who has been with him since before his entry into politics.

Hicks has been in the Trump orbit since her early 20’s, first working for a PR firm and its client Ivanka Trump and later joining the Trump Organization.

She joined Trump’s then-underdog presidential campaign in 2015.

She has been a constant presence since, even though she eschews TV interviews and the limelight in general, unlike some of her colleagues. Hicks survived frequent turnover in the top ranks of the Trump campaign last year and later the Trump White House.

Fox News’ Serafin Gomez contributed to this report.