Former Presidents Clinton & GW Bush Pull Plug on Radio City Event

Aides to former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush tell Fox an event featuring the two leaders scheduled for February 25th at Radio City Music Hall has been canceled.

David Sherzer, a spokesman for Mr. Bush, tells Fox, "President Bush was looking forward to a joint discussion similar to the Toronto event this past May. We agreed with the decision to cancel due to inaccurate and unauthorized hype by the promoter."

Sherzer told Fox News the promoter broke the terms of the agreement by exaggerating the event without the former presidents' approval.

"The problem for both sides was with billing this as a 'debate.' They have a strong friendship and enjoy exchanging their views, which obviously differ at times. But neither agreed nor has interest in participating in a debate."

While Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush may have policy and political differences, on this issue they agree.

"This event . . . was supposed to be a discussion between the two former presidents, and has been canceled because it was not being billed as such by an overeager promoter," Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna said.

And while this event has been scrapped, all indications are there may be future public discussions. "President Bush is definitely up for doing events with President Clinton," Sherzer told Fox.