FBI treating San Bernardino shooting as terrorist attack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday that it is now investigating the Wednesday shooting in San Bernardino as a terrorist act.

"We are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism," said David Bowdich, assistant FBI director in Los Angeles. "There's a number of pieces of evidence that has essentially pushed us off the cliff to say we are now investigating this as an act of terrorism."

Bowdich's comments came just a day after President Obama said it wasn't yet clear if the shooting, which left 14 dead plus the two shooters, was possibly an act of workplace violence. Just before Bowdich addressed the press, White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to comment on the case and said the FBI would be making an announcement soon on the status of the case.

Bowdich said the investigation turned into a terrorism probe after it became clear that the shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, had made extensive preparations for their attack.

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