Attorney Sidney Powell claims that the 2020 election was significantly impacted by votes cast through machines from Dominion Voting Systems being altered to go to Joe Biden instead of President Trump, but according to Dominion spokesperson Michael Steel, this could not have occurred.

In an interview with Fox News' Eric Shawn on "America's News Headquarters" on Sunday, Steel addressed the allegations that Dominion has faced, and explained why he believes they are without merit.


"Well, it's physically impossible," Steel said of vote switching. "Look, when a voter votes on a Dominion machine, they fill out a ballot on a touch screen. They are given a printed copy which they then give to a local election official for safekeeping. If any electronic interference had taken place, the tally reported electronically would not match the printed ballots. and in every case where we've looked at -- in Georgia, all across the country -- the printed ballot, the gold standard in election security, has matched the electronic tally."

Powell claimed in an interview with Newsmax that Dominion "has a long history of rigging elections" and that this is "what it was created to do to begin with." She has said she has a witness who saw it used for this purpose in Venezuela, and that the votes for the U.S. election were counted in countries such as Spain and Germany. Steel flatly rejected this notion.

"We simply provide a tool to count the ballots -- to print and count ballots," he said. "There is no way such a massive fraud could have taken place, and there are no connection between our company and Venezuela, Germany, Barcelona, Kathmandu, whatever the latest conspiracy theory is."

Steel said that Dominion is a "nonpartisan, American company" and said the company is funded by American capitalists, not foreign actors.


Steel, who identified as a conservative Republican, said that Dominion "would love to see any facts or evidence they have. Thus far we have seen none." In fact, Steel said that in the 14 counties in Pennsylvania that used Dominion machines, President Trump won with 52% of the vote. He said Dominion did not even have machines in some of the Wisconsin counties where the campaign has complained of fraud.

Steel stressed that local election officials and poll watchers oversee the process in each state, and he rejected the idea that an election official would seek to skew the results.

"I can't imagine that someone would want to be in a position of authority in our election system and in our democracy just to subvert it," he said. "I think these are public spirited people. I think these are patriots and they are doing their job to the best of their ability to make sure we get accurate, transparent results. 

When asked if a poll worker could use a USB thumb drive to add votes for a candidate, Steel said that the vote tabulators do not have such access. He also said they are not connected to the internet.

"It’s not physically possible to do what they’re describing," he reiterated. He also disputed a claim that an algorithm weighed votes for Biden greater than votes for Trump, noting again that the paper ballot records would reveal that.


Steel acknowledged that there were individual errors with the election that were swiftly identified and corrected, but nothing on a large scale. 

Despite Dominion's claims, Powell has said she is looking to file a lawsuit "hopefully this week" that includes allegations of fraud related to voting machines.

While Powell has appeared at numerous press conferences with other lawyers on President Trump's legal team, the campaign on Sunday issued a statement saying that she was not a member of the legal team. 

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own," Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal attorney, and Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser , said in a statement. "She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”