Dem who vowed 'war' on Fox News, Tea Party to be guest on 'Greta'

A Virginia Democratic congressional candidate who promised "war" on Fox News and the Tea Party will be a guest on Fox News Thursday evening, as he comes under fire for his inflammatory comments on Twitter.

Mike Dickinson, who is vying for the seat currently held by House Republican Leader Eric Cantor, has gone on a Twitter tear in recent days.

"If elected I promise WAR on the tea party, @FoxNews, @NRA and other trash," he tweeted.

Dickinson followed that with a string of other put-downs against conservatives -- calling Tea Party supporters "stupid" and going after "Bible thumpers" -- all while defending his "war" remarks.

Watch Dickinson's interview on Fox News' "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday. 

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    On Tuesday, Richmond Tea Party Executive Director Larry Nordvig told Fox News that Dickinson is "kind of a nobody" and not a "real threat."

    Still, Nordvig said, "My first gut reaction to this when I saw these tweets was 'bring it!' If you want a war against the Tea Party, I'm not sure he knows what he is asking for."