Cruz: US Is ‘One More Liberal Justice’ Away From Losing The Second Amendment

While speaking at a Des Moines campaign stop on Friday,Republican candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said that American citizensare “one more liberal justice” awayfrom losing their Second Amendmentrights.

“One more liberal justice and our right to keep and beararms is taken away from us by an activist court,” Cruzresponded when asked about how he would handle Supreme Courtjustices.

“One more liberal justice and they begin sandblasting andbulldozing veterans memorials throughout this country,” Cruzsaid according to the Des Moines Register. “One more liberaljustice and we lose our sovereignty to the United Nations and theWorld Court.”

Cruz’s comments echo those he made earlier thisyear following the Supreme Court’srulings on the Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage.(VIDEO: Cruz — SCOTS Rulings ‘Some OfThe Darkest 24 Hours In Our Nation’sHistory’)

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Cruz is polling infourth place with 10 percent of the vote. (RELATED: Carson Trumps Trump In NewPoll)

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