Clinton says she'll go further than Obama on immigration

Hillary Clinton has argued that she will go further than President Obama to implement comprehensive immigration reforms. During the second Democratic presidential debate, Clinton indicated she would not let new legal challenges facing the Obama administration get in her way.

"Secretary Clinton, you've said you go further than the president when it comes to taking executive action to implement immigration reforms, but the president's already facing legal troubles on this. We've seen it more just in the past week. Realistically, how could you go further with executive action?" asked Kevin Cooney, a debate moderator from KCCI in Iowa.

"Well first of all, I know that the president has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court and my reading of the law and the Constitution convinces me that the president has the authority that he is attempting to exercise," Clinton answered. "With respect to DREAMers and their parents because I think all of us on this stage agree that we need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Border security has always been a part of that debate. And it is a fact that the net immigration from Mexico and South has basically zeroed out. So what we want to do is say, look, we have 11 million people who have been here, many of them for decades, they have children who are doing so well. I've met and worked with DREAMers, I think any parent would be so proud of them."

Clinton's response did not answer what additional executive actions she would take or what she would use as the legal justification for going further than Obama on immigration. Her answer showed no willingness to change her opinion despite the judicial review that has halted the implementation of various executive actions, which would shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.