Campus radicals provide an opportunity to defend the foundations of the West


"Freedom of speech should not be used as a justification for rampant hateful language," the group of students at University of North Carolina in Greensboro have demanded, "or opinions that further marginalize historically oppressed communities."

This clear attack on a cherished American freedom — this demand that an organ of the state use its power to control which opinions can and cannot be expressed — is a hallmark of the campus uprisings this fall. One instructor at the University of Missouri famously called for some "muscle" to quash a photojournalist's efforts. Missouri students have demanded from campus leaders "a commitment to differentiating 'hate speech' from 'freedom of speech.'"

One website,, has compiled the demands made by similar groups on a few dozen campuses. As of the morning of Nov. 25, the compendium of demands included the word "speech" 21 times — always in a negative or at best wary sense.