Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume slammed former CIA Director John Brennan on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Tuesday night for Brennan's role in perpetuating the slew of President Trump-Russian collusion claims in the mainstream media that ultimately led to a dead end.

On Monday, a day after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller's findings showing there was no evidence Trump or anyone close to him colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, Brennan admitted he may have gotten it wrong.

Hume went much further. “He was utterly and completely wrong. From the get-go, he was wrong,” he told MacCallum, noting the apologies were “too little, too late.”


Brennan blamed bad information for his near-constant attacks on Trump. Brennan and Trump regularly have sparred since Brennan left his post as CIA director in January 2017.

“I think Brennan is a very bad guy and, if you look at it, a lot of things happened under his watch,” Trump told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last July. “I think he's a very bad person.”

Trump also revoked Brennan’s security clearance in 2018.

Brennan, whose role in the Obama administration helped land him a job as an MSNBC contributor and lent his perspective on national security major gravitas, once warned that the Mueller probe showed “our nation’s future is at stake.”


Hume said now there must be a reckoning with the mainstream media: “The list of bad stories is fairly long.”

He added that liberal journalists have to face culpability, saying solutions are not: “What did you want us to do? Not cover the story? We were just reporters covering the story!”

He hoped the reckoning would have the mainstream media questioning whose voice is allowed on television and what that voice is saying.

The onslaught of coverage came from television pundits to print columns to digital think pieces: “It was everywhere, it was all around you.”

Fox News' Martha MacCallum contributed to this report.