Boehner says GOP to pick speaker Oct. 28

House Republicans will decide on a new speaker on Oct. 28, and the entire House will vote for a speaker on Oct. 29, Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday as GOP lawmakers grappled over whether to back the conditional candidacy of Rep. Paul Ryan.

Boehner's schedule keeps intact his plan to retire at the end of October, and assumes that House Republicans are close to finding a consensus candidate to replace him.

But Republicans remain split on whether to back Ryan, R-Wis., who on Tuesday night outlined terms for jumping into the speaker's race. Those terms include a unified endorsement from the majority of the Republican conference by Friday, and permission to skip the heavy fundraising role that comes with the job.

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of the most conservative House GOP lawmakers, has endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida for speaker, and says there is a "high hurdle" Ryan must meet to change that endorsement. Ryan will meet with the group this afternoon.