Bin Laden's Last Audio Tape Recovered From Compound

Usama bin Laden focused on the uprisings and unrest in the Middle East in his last audio tape that was recovered at his Pakistani compound by Navy SEALs in the May 1 raid.

The tape was recorded in late April, days before his death. U.S. officials describe the message as "odd in several ways ... it seems bin Laden is trying to prove that Al Qaeda is still relevant in these historic uprisings. He is trying to insert himself into these historic events and the news cycle when he hasn't been part of it."

Bin Laden mentioned the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisa but not the revolt in Yemen or the violent conflict in Libya -- evidence that the terror leader was cut off from current events, U.S. officials say.

The tape is part of the largest intelligence collected, including bin Laden's diary, videos and computers, U.S. officials say. Bin Laden is believed to have lived in the suburban house for six years.

Fox News Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.