Bill Clinton had 'nightmares' about future of country after leaving office

Clinton said today's challenges meet Biden's 'skill set' and 'state of mind'

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Former President Bill Clinton said he had "nightmares" about what could happen to the future of the U.S. after he left office. 

Clinton said while in office he was "often kept up late at night worrying" about things like Russia’s potential to slip back into communism. 

"After I left office when I had more free time I had more nightmares thinking about what else could go wrong in our country," Clinton, who was succeeded by President George W. Bush, said. 

The 42nd president appeared on ITV’s show Lorraine with author James Patterson to promote their new book "The President’s Daughter."


"By and large I think I have been really happy. I think it’s a foolish thing to spend a day wishing you could do something you can’t do anymore. I made a promise to myself when I was president I wouldn’t do that. It’s been an eventful 20 years since I left office," he said. "I’ve been very fortunate because under President Bush and President Obama I was given a lot of chances to help."

Though he didn’t mention helping the Biden administration, Clinton heaped praise on the White House’s current occupant. "I’m happy for President Biden because I think he’s fortunate to be serving at a time when the challenges meet his skill set and his state of mind." 

Clinton then turned to cancel culture, which he blamed on Republicans.


"The first canceling I ever went through throughout my life was the canceling that people on the right tried to do to people who weren’t," Clinton said. "Then it became tempting when the demographics changed just to go the other way, but I think if you listen to our book, criticism works better than canceling because I always listen to my critics."