Biden a Fan of Tom Kaine

Lynchburg, Va. - Vice President Joe Biden fumbled the name of Virginia senatorial candidate, former governor, former DNC chair, and close Obama friend, Tim Kaine, during a campaign stop here in central Virginia.

Biden correctly referred to the candidate before making the mistake of declaring his support for "Tom Kaine."

"I want to tell you, it's good to be in a state that's going to be represented by Tim Kaine," Biden said to a crowd of over a thousand people. "What a guy! There is a decent honorable man. That man has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. I'm a big Tom Kaine fan, a big Tom Kaine fan."

Kaine later tweeted, "Thanks to the VPOTUS for the shout out today. I love Jay Biden!"

The vice president is no stranger to the former Virginia governor, having headlined a fundraiser for Kaine's senatorial bid in late May.

Romney Campaign Spokesman Ryan Williams immediately seized on the opportunity to throw a jab at the vice president, issuing a statement declaring Biden "forgot the name of his own Virginia Democratic Senate nominee and he wants voters to forget about President Obama's failed economic policies and lack of a real agenda for a second term."

Obama campaign spokesman Lis Smith retorted, "Once again, Mitt Romney's campaign is showing their focus on the big things- like one letter in Tim Kaine's name. If they put as much time and effort into their policies, maybe we'd finally have an answer for how they'd pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts weighted to the very wealthy."

The vice president has had a spotty record of choosing his words wisely, having just three days before declared he was in Iowa while in Ohio; that word mix-up was similar to today's misstep in that Biden first correctly stated which state he was visiting before later fumbling the locality.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who was spotted on Air Force Two as the travelling press boarded the plane, never made it to his father's rally in Lynchburg as planned because of Hurricane Sandy preparation.

The vice president passed on his son's regrets when he took the stage.

"He called me and said 'Dad, the governor just called up the National Guard, I'm going home,'" Biden said. "So he apologizes for not being here, he wanted to be here."