Marquette Baylor is finally speaking out against her long-time boss, Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Baylor, fired by the Madison Democrat in February following a scandal at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center that has embroiled the junior senator, has filed an ethics complaint against Baldwin. It claims the senator lied and has engaged in a political cover-up.

"I, Marquette Baylor, bring this Ethics Complaint against my former employer, Senator Tammy Baldwin, for making false statements and representations to cover up actions by her Chief of Staff and protect her political career," Baylor states in the complaint, filed Monday with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

The senator's office did not immediately respond to Wisconsin Watchdog's request for comment.

Baldwin caught heat after investigative reports in January detailing allegations of abuses at the VA medical center, principally the overprescribing of painkillers that allegedly led to the deaths of several patients.

Baldwin's office, according to reports, did nothing with an inspector general's report last year outlining the concerns and refused to act when a whistleblower reportedly begged Baldwin's office to do something.

As the national spotlight grew hotter, Baldwin canned Baylor, her longtime deputy state director with, by all accounts, a sterling resume working for Baldwin and her predecessor, U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Milwaukee.

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