Anti-Obama Merchandise Surges Amid Growing Doubts Over Obama's Policies

A new wave of anti-Obama memorabilia is hitting the shelves -- from T-shirts to bumper stickers to buttons -- as the president's economic and health care policies divide the nation.

Popular slogans such as "Mama for Obama" have been retooled to "To the Mama for Obama -- thanks for the tax hike."

"Yes, we can" has become "No, he can't."

"The Audacity of Hype" has replaced the title of Obama's popular book, "The Audacity of Hope."

"It really started peaking about a month ago," Amy Maniatis, vice president of marketing at the online seller, told The Washington Times.

"You see it as a direct response to some of the promising messages that happened a year ago. Whereas we had the campaign of Obama centered around hope, and it was a very optimistic message, now they're asking: 'How's that hopey-changey thing going?'"

The store offers about 3 million Obama products, she said, but now is up to about 1 million that are "anti-Obama-oriented," reflecting a "significant shift in the last couple of months than what was the trend a year ago."

Pro-Obama merchandise is still selling well, she said, "but now we're seeing a much larger swing toward the critical designs. It will be lighthearted as commentary on his gaffes as in 'Acted Stupidly,'" a play on his remarks about the Cambridge, Mass., police who arrested Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., "or with folks reacting to headlines or what is going on with the economy."

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