After 'crazy' crack, Lone Star House Republicans tell Democrats 'Don't mess with Texas'

Members of the House’s Texas GOP caucus Tuesday demanded an apology from the Florida Democrat who called their state “crazy” during a recent debate on repealing ObamaCare.

That occurred Monday night in the chamber’s House Rules Committee when members were discussing efforts to prepare a repeal bill for an upcoming vote.The bill passed 239-181 on Tuesday, largely along party lines.

Republicans members argued Democrats used questionable parliamentary tactics in 2010 to get ObamaCare passed.

That prompted Democrats to say this most-recent repeal legislation didn’t have the requisite hearings or a “markup” -- the process by which submitted bills are revised and amended.

The exchange led Florida Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings to tell Texas GOP Rep. Michael Burgess that Americans don’t want another debate related to repealing ObamaCare.

"I believe in your state ... which I believe is crazy to begin with," Hastings said.

On Tuesday, 25 of the 36-member Texas GOP House caucus, including Burgess, issued a simple response: “Don’t mess with Texas.” In addition, the members requested an apology to the residents of Texas.

Burgess demanded an apology Monday and told committee Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., "He made a statement about my state. I will not sit here and listen to it."

Hastings told the Texas congressman that he would have to wait for "hell to freeze over."