By Michael GoodwinNew York Daily News Columnist/FOX News Contributor

Pick up a newspaper, there he is. He's on TV, the radio and he writes an online column. You might run into him in a restaurant in Washingtonor jogging in Central Park.

He's not in hiding anymore. Eliot Spitzeris definitely back.

Like clockwork, the disgraced ex-governor started reemerging in public a year after being busted in a prostitution scandal. His interview appearances are mostly described as confessional, as when he told NBC's Matt Laueron Monday he was guilty of an "egregious violation of trust to my family."

So true. And yet, I suspect there is more to the story. I suspect Spitzer's latest fantasy is that he will be the next Comeback Kid.

The fantasy - at least this one would be legal - goes like this: With Gov. Patersonin a free fall and with Spitzer's hated rival Andrew Cuomothe leading alternative, desperate Democrats might turn to Spitzer in 2010. And if his wife and daughters have forgiven him, maybe voters will, too.

Is this what he is thinking? Is the coming-out party a trial balloon for a political comeback?

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