Living in NYC has truly awakened me to the New York elite and their penchant for the city’s self-described brilliant public transit system. I think it sucks… just like public transit always does.

“Oh I just don’t think I could live without the subway system, it’s so convenient. I can get anywhere I need to go in the city in a flash.” Right. Or –and follow me on this here– I could live anywhere else in the country, take 3 steps out my front door, get into my car, and drive anywhere on the continent. How’s that for convenience? Not only is it faster, but my car generally doesn’t smell like mothballs and urine (last Tuesday notwithstanding). It would almost seem that –dare I say this– private transportation is more efficient than mass public-transit! That won’t change today’s leftists from disparaging the former and praising the latter. Why?

It’s simple. Control. It’s no secret that the environmental movement is ultimately designed to create new inroads into increased government control. All of the shots taken at emissions, the dependence on fossil fuels and noise pollution are designed to paint those things as symptoms of a problem, with the government able to step in as the solution. The root of their problem is ultimately your independence.

Do me a favor for a second. I want you to close your eyes, and think back to the day you first received your license. Do you remember that day? Do you remember that feeling?

Freedom. The world was your oyster and that license was your golden ticket. Granted, my 1982 Datsun was no Nightrider, but it didn’t matter… because it was mine. East coast, west coast, as long as I kept refilling my leaky radiator with water and my warped gasket managed to hang on for dear life, I was a free man. Most Americans see these kinds of tales as a right of passage. Democrats see them as a Wes Craven film.

Not only have individual politicians and celebrities personally condemned your automobiles for being too messy, noisy and harmful to the common good, but they’ve tried to effect the natural market through taxes on larger vehicles along with incentives and quota’s for “greener” cars. That’s not even to mention Biden’s unhealthy fetish for Amtrak and it’s expansion. It’s borderline creepy. Not only that, but they constantly bombard you with their silly self-righteous “take the bus” or “ride your bike to work” campaigns. I’d sooner wear a fanny pack.

By the same token, big-city leftist elite’s disdain for middle America can also be explained by their lack of ability to corral them into metropolitan areas where they can be weaned onto a reliance of the government. Good luck making the Joe Biden express work in rural Wyoming. Once you bring Americans into major cities and put them all on mass transit you’re one step closer to the leftist Utopia. Just ask Jerome Cavanaugh or Lynden Johnson.

See, I have no problem with folks who take the bus or train. Heck, I don’t even have a problem with the people who are loopy enough to enjoy it. Just stop taking my tax dollars and then lay a guilt trip on me for driving my Datsun. Sure it may not look pretty, but when the apocalypse goes down it’ll be the only thing left standing along with cockroaches.

… You can’t say that about the Joe Biden express.

Steven Crowder is a comedian, actor, writer and Fox News contributor.

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