Why 2016 is the year of the angry white male

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from "Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class" (Skyhorse Publishing, August 23, 2016)

Ultra-liberal Democrats and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) cannot understand why white voters, particularly white men, are so angry. Well,

I’m going to share with you the raw, politically incorrect truth. It’s an indictment of a president and system practicing reverse racism and overt discrimination—in plain sight for all to see.

First, there is no doubt that blacks, minorities, and people of color had it rough for many decades. Women, especially in the workplace, had the system tilted against them. We get it. And during the past hundred years, especially the last sixty, the vast majority of us fought hard to eliminate it.

No one can deny the terrible things done to blacks: slavery; discrimination in jobs and housing; poll taxes; and “Whites Only” signs in front of bathrooms, pools, water fountains, and restaurant counters. The list of wrongs and grievances is long and real.

But that was then, and this is now. And two wrongs don’t make a right. The sorry truth is that the pendulum has swung way too far in the other direction. It has gotten to a point where virtually every action, law, and utterance out of our nation’s first black president’s mouth is intended to denigrate or damage the predominantly white middle class. Or haven’t you noticed?

Let me start with the obvious.


Studies and polls show blacks and people of color are relatively happy and unchanged in their satisfaction level for decades. Yet under Obama, America is in the middle of a massive suicide epidemic. Who is committing all this suicide? White middle-aged Americans.1

In other words, the white middle class and “angry white males” are so unhappy they are killing themselves. We should be worried about “White Lives Matter.” But, of course, then we would be called “racist.”

Is the liberal view it’s “all in our heads”? Or could some- thing actually be wrong? Do liberals think an entire race has suffered a dramatic increase in depression and suicide because life is so easy and great for white people? Because we have such fantastic advantages? Because great jobs, perfect relationships, and wealth just appear out of thin air or fall out of trees for white people?

Or could this depression, anger, and suicide be the result of no jobs or only menial, crappy, low-wage jobs; or a dramatic drop in our incomes and assets; or dramatic increases in taxes, health insurance, electric bills, grocery bills, and college bills— all of which has made it virtually impossible to provide for our families. The fact is that our own government is destroying the middle class and killing the American Dream of upward mobility. The predominantly white middle class has been sacrificed to give welfare and free health care to everyone else. And to add insult to injury, “everyone else” doesn’t just mean other, less fortunate fellow citizens who most of us want to help; it also means every illegal alien who can walk across the border, many of whom hate us and the whole concept of America. Result? We’re killing ourselves. That might have something to do with it.

In other words, for your typical middle-class American, life sucks. Under Obama and the political elites, the quality of middle-class life has been gutted, and the American Dream of upward mobility is dead. And who makes up this great American middle class? Predominantly white people.

Ironically, the crux of the liberal argument is that white people have all the money, power, and high-paying jobs and own all the businesses. Yet when laws and policies are passed to redistribute their money to those who are poor and dependent, liberal politicians, intellectuals, and the media refuse to admit these policies are nothing more than reverse racism and discrimination.

These policies are a sign of ignorance and stupidity, especially as to how an economy works. A study of every socialist country in world history shows that “fairness, equality, and social justice” leads to devastating widespread poverty and shared misery. Venezuela is the most recent example that big government tax-and-spend policies lead to economic collapse, food shortages, and no toilet paper. Hotels ask guests to BYOTP—“bring your own toilet paper.”2

Gotta love big government, huh? It doesn’t just kill spirit, or kill people, it even kills toilet paper!

The only thing every country basing its economy on diversity, social justice, and affirmative action has succeeded in is making the powerful, political elites filthy rich and making everyone else poor. Liberal (i.e., socialist) policies lead to economic disaster. No one is lifted up, everyone is torn down, and the middle class, not the wealthy, are the ones who suffer. Sound like what is happening right now in America?

Obama and his progressive crony elites in the media and Congress have spent almost eight years conducting a massive, radical experiment basing our economy on “diversity, equality, and social justice.” The result? Obama has succeeded in destroying America’s middle class, just like every other country that ever tried to legislate equality. And that middle class happens to be overwhelmingly white.

Was it worth it? Did income redistribution—that is, taking money and jobs away from small business and the overwhelmingly white middle class with massive taxes and regulations, onerous Obamacare, and climate change costs— and all the spending on entitlements and debt, actually benefit black Americans? You tell me. The fact is our first black president has overseen the greatest inequality in history:

Black unemployment is now double that of white unemployment.

Poverty is back to 1960s levels, while welfare, food stamps, and disability have hit all-time record highs.

Black violence and murder rates in inner city urban areas are spiraling out of control. Predominantly black cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are not only bankrupt, they’re war zones. Violence on inner city streets has risen to unprecedented levels. Who are the victims? Black Americans.

Obama has spent more, handed out more entitlements, more welfare, more food stamps, and now more debt than any president in history. Yet the economy is miserable and the only true measurement of economic growth—gross domestic product (GDP)—is near zero.

Obama is the only president to ever preside over seven straight years of GDP under 3 percent. Not even Herbert Hoover or FDR in the depths of the Great Depression produced an economic record as miserable and pathetic as Obama. It’s an economic record of futility, which, like Joe DiMaggio’s fifty-six-game hitting streak, will never be matched!

The result: 63 percent of Americans can’t come up with $500 in case of an emergency.3

The wealth gap between white and black Americans is wider today than in the 1960s when the “war on poverty” began.4

Amazingly, along with driving white and black Americans into bankruptcy and poverty, Obama will have added a world-record $10 trillion to the debt (by the time he leaves office). That’s money that has to be paid back by the middle class for decades to come, thereby guaranteeing a shrinking middle class in crisis long after Obama is gone.

And you wonder why we’re angry?

Obama’s success in fundamentally changing America looks exactly like the situation in every communist, socialist, and third-world country—inequality, massive poverty, shared misery, and no middle class. Thank you, Obama: you’ve turned America into a third-world mess.

Sadly, Obama had a golden opportunity to be a leader and make America a truly color-blind nation. I believe it is a major reason so many Americans voted for him and is what even those of us who didn’t support him had great hope he would do. Instead, he’s produced the worst race relations since the 1960s.5

Now, let’s go a step deeper. Let’s examine specific Obama policies that are clearly aimed right at the heart of white America. You wonder why white America is angry? Liberals can’t understand why white America is outraged, shocked, and feels betrayed, denigrated, and discriminated? Here it is.

Hiring Employees in the Private Sector

How many Americans are aware that the Obama administration sued major corporations to ban them from using criminal background checks on black job applicants? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) had the anti-white, outright racist audacity to argue that criminal background checks for whites are perfectly acceptable, but

corporations should be banned from checking on the criminal records of blacks. Why? Because, they argued, black males are so likely to have a criminal record, they would never be hired. So business owners have no right to know the back- ground of the person they’re hiring to handle money and deal with valued customers? According to Obama, drug dealers, pimps, and rapists should wait on your female customers.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.

Hiring of Government Employees

Not content to strike out with his order in the private sector, President Obama signed an Executive Order in December of 2015 to “ban the box.”6

This means federal agencies can no longer ask prospective job applicants about their criminal history. Amazingly, what this means is government employees paid with your taxpayer money (often at a higher rate than a similar job in the private sector) will now include convicted criminals. The government is using your taxes to pay convicted criminals to oversee your life.

Wait, it gets better. Government employees at agencies like the IRS, the National Security Agency (NSA), and Social Security have access to highly confidential financial information that can be stolen and sold to thieves and frauds (or people looking to blackmail politicians into voting for bigger government). Doesn’t it make sense that an applicant’s criminal background should at least be considered?

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


Are you aware that the Obama administration has told land- lords they have no right to reject a potential tenant based on a criminal record? Property owners are now obligated by law to rent to known murderers, rapists, drug dealers, pimps, carjackers, and home-invasion robbers. The administration admitted that this law is to protect criminals because they hap- pen to be predominantly black. As always, Obama’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department plays the race card by saying if you refuse to rent to criminals, you’re “racist” because this disproportionately affects African Americans.7

Once again, this book isn’t about race, but it is about reverse racism. I’m merely responding in self-defense.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


How many Americans realize that Obama’s HUD agency is forcing cities and towns across America to build high- density, low-income housing in middle class and wealthy white neighborhoods? Why? A liberal Mexican American activist at a famous economic event called FreedomFest aimed a question at Donald Trump that explains what we’re facing. Clearly angry at Trump’s promise to build a wall at the Mexican border, he asked Trump, “Why don’t you want to build a wall around your inner cities to protect your citizens from American criminals?”

The factual answer to that question is we already have. It’s called “suburbs.” America has experienced a “white (and every other racial group with the economic ability) flight” away from inner cities to suburbs for decades. It’s why Detroit lost over half its population. Decent, law-abiding people of all races with good jobs tend to run away from crime—especially once they start a family.

But to Obama and his liberal friends, this isn’t “fair.” People don’t have a right to be mobile, send their kids to better schools, or avoid crime. Obama wants everyone to live in shared equality (i.e., misery). Now he’s found a way to accomplish that. If he can’t find a way to force you to live in poor, crime-ridden, inner city neighborhoods, he’ll just create them in your neighborhood!

As a bonus, this policy erodes personal responsibility and capitalism by eliminating the necessity to study hard, work hard, or be disciplined to move from a poor neighbor- hood to a nice middle-class one.

But wait, it gets better; it’s part of a socialist’s wish list. This policy not only creates fairness and equality by putting poor people into wealthy neighborhoods without working for it; it also destroys the property values of middle-class, pre- dominantly white homeowners. In the short run, the poor may be lifted up; in the longer run, everyone else is brought down. For liberals, that’s “equality.”

Look at it from the point of view of a middle-class American. You’ve worked long and hard so your kids can live in a safe neighborhood, only to see Obama force low-income housing on your block, drive your home value down, and infest your nice, safe neighborhood with crime, muggings, robberies, carjackings, drugs, and prostitution. Nice!

Again, while Obama and liberals keep wanting to make this a racial issue, it’s not. Like whites, black middle-class Americans have followed the same route. For the most part, middle-class blacks have left the inner cities. They move to suburbs to escape crime, filth, drugs, and poverty and to give their kids a chance at success.

But Obama wants there to be no escape. He’s bringing the devil to you. To your neighborhood, your block, perhaps next door. He’s putting drug dealers on your corner.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.

Health Care

It is a fact that Obamacare’s main purpose is to redistribute wealth. Small business owners (primarily white) and middle-class Americans (primarily white) have been devastated by massive increases in health care costs: insurance premiums, copays, deductibles, cost of prescription drugs, and loss of coverage. Who has gained? Poor Americans who were handed free insurance coverage. It has been a direct transfer of wealth disguised as a health care program. Poor and nonworking Americans were handed a massive new entitlement program: “welfare in the form of free medical.” As with every government program, middle-class Americans (pre- dominantly white) got the bill.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


Obama has passed the most dramatic tax increases along with the most onerous business regulations in history. Who were they aimed at? Predominantly white small business owners and middle-class Americans. We know how he feels about business owners. Remember when he said, “You didn’t build that.”

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


Obama has left the borders wide open, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to pour into America, all of whom expect cradle-to-grave entitlements. Don’t forget, Obama has also fast-tracked the importation of about one million Muslims into America during his two terms.8

Well over 90 percent of these new Muslim immigrants are on food stamps, while almost 70 percent are on welfare. These stats are according to Obama’s own Labor Department.9

We are fed lie after lie after lie about illegal immigration by Obama, Hillary, government bureaucrats, and, of course, the mainstream media. We are told that illegals are not flowing across the border. In a presidential debate, Hillary claimed there is no border problem. Wrong. Record numbers of illegals are coming across in 2016. As I write this book, the number of illegal aliens crossing the border is at an all-time record pace: 40 percent higher than the record set in 2014 and double the number in 2015.10

More illegals cross the border into Texas than babies born to native-born mothers in Texas each week.11

We are told that illegals are not costing America any- thing. We are told they are a “net gain.” What a big fat lie. Earlier in the book I proved that illegal immigrants cost hundreds of billions of dollars in welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and other entitlements—far more than native-born Americans, both percentage-wise and dollar-wise.

We’re told it’s not “either/or.” We’re told America can afford to take care of American citizens and illegal immigrants. Another big fat lie. Obama just cut $2.6 billion from veterans, while allocating $4.5 billion to the importation and relocation of Syrian migrants. So why would a US president choose to cut money from vets in favor of fast-tracking Syrian migrants into our country? Why is that more important than taking care of veterans?12

So I guess it is “either/or.” Vets, who happen to be in the predominantly white middle class, are getting shafted to pay for Muslim immigration. Perhaps the hundreds of billions spent on all other illegal immigrants is the reason there were no funds for VA hospitals and courageous heroes were put on fictitious waiting lists to die. Those heroes happened to be predominantly white middle-class citizens.

In Obama’s last budget as president, he demands nearly $18,000 for every illegal child or teenager from Central America who enters the country in 2016 (he expects over 75,000).13

That’s $3,000 more than the average American senior citizen collects on Social Security, even though they were legally born in America, worked their entire lives, and paid into the system. So native-born Americans are getting out monies they already put in, and still they get less than some- one who comes here illegally.

Keep in mind that many (if not most) of these children and teens might very well collect welfare for life. What does that cost the middle class? If you can’t see that this is a purposeful attack on the predominantly white middle class, you’re blind, deaf, or very dumb.

We are told that illegals aren’t criminals. Another big fat lie. One out of every five illegals has a criminal record (not including the crime of coming into the country). Illegals committed almost half a million crimes in Texas alone, just in the past four years. Half a million crimes—in one state.14

Multiply that number across the country and tell me the cost to society in police, courts, public defenders, prosecutors, and prison costs? What is the cost to the victims? How about the Americans murdered at the hands of illegals? That’s a pretty damn steep cost.

Here’s the most remarkable stat of all: 30 percent of all criminals in federal, state, and local prisons in the United States are illegal immigrants.15

This isn’t happening by mistake or coincidence. The Obama administration is currently arguing in front of the US Supreme Court that Obama has the power to use executive action to instantly award Social Security to millions of immigrants illegally in the United States.16

Now let’s move on to legal immigrants. Obama is purposely importing immigrants legally into the country who fit the parameters of his plan to “fundamentally change America.” From 2009 to 2013, the Obama administration issued twice as many green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations as European nations—680,000 green cards for Muslims versus 270,000 for Europeans.17

Why is Obama choosing this ratio? Because this is how you “fundamentally change America,” “overwhelm the sys- tem,” and destroy capitalism, replacing it with socialism for a citizenry dependent on government entitlements to survive. The bonus is bringing in unskilled, uneducated, and dependent immigrants who will forever more vote Democrat to keep the freebies coming.

Don’t get me wrong. Obama doesn’t discriminate. Every immigrant who needs welfare is welcome: Muslim, Mexican, Central American. Cubans are in a special class. All they have to do is get over the border and they are immediately met with a so-called “Welcome Wagon” that gives them instant cash, Social Security cards, food stamps, and Medicaid.18

As the country, health care, and school systems are all overwhelmed by massive costs for illegal immigration, and the debt rises to unimaginable levels, who pays for it all? American taxpayers. And who are they? The small business owners and middle-class Americans who spend their lives paying into the system and take almost nothing out.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.

Why doesn’t someone stand up and say it’s time to stop flooding the country with even more poor and unskilled immigrants, legal and illegal, and spend those billions upon billions of tax dollars now being given to them to improve America’s inner cities and the lives of American citizens? Oh, guess what? Someone has. His name is Donald Trump!

The Silicon Valley Jobs Scam

Middle-class Americans don’t realize the immigration scam isn’t just about working stiffs. The cannon is aimed squarely at college-educated white-collar Americans, too. It’s called H-1B visas. This is precisely why college grads with massive student loan debt are living in all-time record numbers in their parents’ basement. This is why the icons of Silicon Valley are freaking out about the possible election of Donald Trump. These greedy and guilty white billionaires want to keep importing hundreds of thousands of low-wage foreigners to fill their jobs, instead of higher-paid American workers.19

The sad truth about Silicon Valley is that they fear Trump because they don’t want to pay real wages to American white-collar college grads. Guest worker programs have devastated the predominantly white middle and upper classes. We’ve been replaced by desperate foreigners willing to work for slave wages to get to (and stay in) America. They can never ask for a raise for fear of losing their H-1B visa.

You want to know why we are angry white males? The H-1B program has resulted in massive job losses and a decade of wage deflation. The media paints illegals as victims just looking for a better life for their families. Well, here we’re talking about American white-collar young adults who played by all the rules, graduated from good colleges, studied high technology, amassed massive student debt, and are being victimized by cheap legal foreign labor. They played by the rules and got screwed. Who’s the victim now?

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


The public school system has been ruined by teachers’ unions, common core, and bleeding-heart liberal ideology. The school system is so bad, especially in America’s larger cities, that parents who have any hope for their children’s success spend their last dime on private schools, parochial schools, or homeschooling.

That means business owners and taxpayers like myself are forced to pay double taxation. I’m paying obscene, unaffordable property taxes to pay for public schools that I can’t send my own kids to. At the same time, I’m forced to pay $15,000 to $20,000 per child for alternative education.

So business owners and middle-class taxpayers who pay into the system (made up of predominantly white taxpayers) are bled dry to give their children a proper education, while we’re also forced to pay for a terrible free education for the children of the poor, who pay no taxes and pay nothing into the system. Since they pay nothing for it, it is easy for the vested political and corrupt union interests to get them to vote for higher and higher education spending even with that system continually failing even their children. So is it any wonder the goal of liberals like Obama and Hillary is to keep poor people poor and let more and more poor and unskilled people into America, so that eventually their votes outnumber native-born, hardworking, employed Americans.

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.


This is the most absurd example of all. Do you know what a president does when his policies have so badly damaged the economy, ruined health care, killed all decent middle- class jobs, destroyed GDP, and run up $9 trillion in new debt, resulting in black unemployment being double that of white and causing black violent crime to run wild in Democrat- ruled, black-dominated cities?

Obama attempts to appease the masses of oblivious voters by changing the faces and images on the front and back of five-, ten-, and twenty-dollar bills to celebrate “social justice and diversity.” It’s called BREAD AND CIRCUS. And it’s now clear that “we are Rome” in the days just before the fall. Like Nero, Obama, his ignorant Kool-Aid-drinking socialist cabal, and the biased progressive media are fiddling while America burns.

Obama has no clue how to turn around the economy or create jobs for black (or white) Americans, so he changes the faces on the currency to distract the masses. This is “feel-good,” politically correct B.S. I’m sorry, folks, but putting a heroic black woman like Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill (and she is an American hero) won’t create a single job or raise the GDP above zero. Putting Martin Luther King on the back of the five-dollar bill won’t help a stagnant economy.

Just like everywhere else it’s been tried, the reality is that Obama and his socialist cabal have proven an economy can- not be run based on diversity and social justice. Basing our currency on diversity and social justice won’t help either. It’s just BREAD AND CIRCUS to keep the masses from unrest and rioting.

Keep in mind that Obama’s treasurer, Jack Lew, ordered the mint to make the changes on currency a “priority.” He also disclosed there was “great pressure” to showcase “diversity” on our money. Really? From who?

Who thinks in the middle of an Obama Great Depression the priority is putting images of civil rights leaders on our dollar, instead of making it a priority to create jobs and improve GDP? Insanity, ignorance, and reverse racism abounds. All of it is aimed at the predominantly white middle class.

So much of what Obama and the liberals are doing, and the media is dutifully reporting, is simply a distraction, waste of resources, and pacifier so we won’t notice how far worse things have gotten under Obama and his liberal policies.

I’ve saved perhaps the best for last.

Don’t Offend Criminals

Not only is Obama demanding criminal backgrounds not be considered in hiring, but he no longer wants them to be called criminals. This is a new directive sent out to colleges by the Obama administration. The term “criminal” might offend. Along with this directive came a pamphlet referring to convicted criminals as “justice-involved individuals.” You can’t make this up. Obama thinks a criminal is just someone “involved with justice.” We can’t allow a rapist to be offended by calling him a rapist because names hurt! So now the per- son that raped your older daughter can go to work at your younger daughter’s university without fear of being identified as or called a rapist. At worst, it might become known he is someone “involved with justice.” But then, in Obama’s world, it wasn’t their fault; a racist white society must have forced them to commit the crime. So from now on, just to be fair, no one should ever again be called racist. They are just “race-involved individuals.”

Is this a purposeful attempt to hurt the predominantly white American middle class? You decide. But it sure looks like it.

Allow Criminals and Violent Felons to Vote

Willie Horton

But I’m a “lemons to lemonade” kind of guy. I’m a positive thinker. This is more than just a travesty of justice. This is more than just the ruination of America. This is opportunity knocking. This is a gift there for the taking. The Democrats have handed Donald Trump the perfect TV ad to win the 2016 Presidential election.

Lee Atwater, the famous Republican advertising whiz who destroyed 1988 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis with the Willie Horton TV commercial, must be looking down from heaven with an ear to ear smile.

Governor McAuliffe just handed the election to the Donald Trump and the GOP if this is handled correctly. This is Willie Horton, Part Deux.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Find mugshots of the murderers who just got voting rights. Find mugshots of the rapists who just got voting rights. Mix in a few drug dealers and pimps. Then channel the great Lee Atwater. Get to work creating the most devastating TV commercials in modern political history.

What a tragic monumental mistake Democrats just made. Not just any Democrat—the best friend, ally, and chief fundraiser of the Clintons.

I can see the TV ads now. Picture this:

SCREEN IMAGE: Image of Virginia DEMOCRAT Governor

Terry McAuliffe . . .

ANNOUNCER: Hillary and Bill’s best friend and chief fund- raiser just gave a gift to the Clintons. He just gave voting rights to scum . . . dirtbags . . . murderers . . . the worst of the worst criminals in Virginia—so they can register Democrat and vote for Hillary.

SCREEN IMAGE: Mugshots of the most heinous criminals, with crimes listed under their faces.

ANNOUNCER: Think about that. They murdered people . . . they raped people . . . they carjacked people . . . they invaded homes and terrorized people . . . they sold drugs . . . they beat people almost to death . . . they pimped and beat young girls.

Their victims will never again feel safe again.

But the murderer, rapist, or thug who sold drugs to children is out on street—and voting for Hillary.

This is the length to which Democrats will go to win elections.

But wait, there’s more. Not only can they vote; they can serve on a jury, become a notary public, and run for office.

SCREEN IMAGE: Mugshot of murderer . . . now with a
“VOTE FOR ME” ribbon across bottom of screen.

Someday your rapist may run for office.

Someday your child’s drug dealer may serve on a jury.

Someday you’ll need a notary public—and your mother’s murderer will be notarizing your signature.

SCREEN IMAGE: Hillary at Congressional hearing saying, “What difference does it make?”

This is the depth of depravity of Hillary Clinton and her allies. Democrats—the party of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. Hillary is right at home.


Folks, it really is this bad. Yes, we are angry. And we have every right and reason to be. Sadly, it’s a full-scale attack coming from all directions and it’s getting worse.