Who in their right mind would plagiarize a Democrat's speech?

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So I watched Melania Trump's speech last night - and it was a home run. She was funny, passionate and delivered a wonderful story about her journey to America.

But I have to admit -- there were moments when I thought to myself -- now where have I heard that before?

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It turns out several passages in her speech were very similar to ones delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008.

The mainstream media's already hollering about plagiarism – but that seems like a mighty big stretch.

Besides politics is loaded with folks who pilfered the words of others for their own self-gain -- President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign responded with a non-denial denial. They said her remarks included fragments that reflected her own thinking.

So I'm going to give Mrs. Trump a pass on this one.

I don't know anybody in their right mind who would lift anything from a Democrat's speech -- much less one from Mrs. Obama -- or her husband.