President Obama has announced the creation of yet another federal commission. This time, it will examine the spill in the Gulf and make sure it never happens again. But there are a lot of question marks surrounding President Obama’s latest blue ribbon bunch of greenies.

First, the panel is comprised mostly of academics and enviros with zero experience dealing with the oil industry. That’s right. Not one of the seven people named could actually drill a well.
Second, they all espouse a similar ideology – one that is opposed to drilling and oil. And one member of the commission, in particular, should raise serious questions.

Fran Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, is perhaps the most outspoken member of the bunch, not to mention the one who is likely steering the ship. She isn’t just suspicious about drilling, she outright opposes it.

Judging from her blog posts – which are still up on the NRDC website, it’s unrealistic to expect this woman to be impartial.

Beinecke has publicly voiced her opposition to traditional energy sources, has led the charge against drilling in ANWR and was a vocal opponent of Obama’s short date with offshore drilling.

Here’s what Beinecke writes in one post: "If I were an official in a coastal state, I know which one I would choose. I would reject President Obama’s plan for more offshore oil drilling and I would invest in renewable offshore projects that wouldn’t harm my state."

Keep in mind Beinecke isn't in a coastal state and people in the Gulf are suffering because of the moratorium. The last thing they need is lost jobs, despite what's happening with Deepwater.

As it turns out, fossil fuel isn’t the only thing she’s been quick to criticize. Beinecke is also prone to bashing the Fox News Channel.

On January 8, Beinecke, writing about a New York Times report that the CIA is delivering images of the Arctic to global warming scientists, went after Fox News for questioning the practice:

“That hasn’t stopped the folks over at Fox News from making the spurious claim that the CIA is ‘spying on icebergs instead of terrorists.’ The Fox newscasters and guests say they are shocked the agency is studying climate change when it’s supposed to focus on keeping Americans safe.

“I am shocked that they don’t see the falsehoods in their posturing. The reality is that climate change is a threat to our safety, and by learning more about that threat, the CIA is doing its job.”

But why wouldn't anyone question diverting taxpayer funded intelligence assets toward climate change research? Though a majority of Americans concede climate change exists, a minority of them believe it's an actual crisis. Especially one that warrants the attention of the CIA.

She’s also taken swipes at Fox News host Glenn Beck for what she calls a “nasty campaign” against former Obama Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones. He resigned after reports surfaced that he had signed a petition demanding not one -- but four -- investigations into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the Sept. 11 attacks and collaborated in the worst massacre ever perpetrated on American soil.

In one of her blog posts from February 24, titled “A Welcome Return for a Green Jobs Visionary”, she praises Jones and calls out Beck for his bringing to light Jones’ inflammatory comments and “truther” past.

She writes:

"Still, we have a long way to go before we realize the full potential of green jobs. That is why we need Jones back in action. Jones left his previous post as White House Council on Environmental Quality after Glenn Beck led a nasty smear campaign against him.”

Earth to Berinacke. Jones didn’t leave because of Glenn Beck. He resigned because he participated in radical acts that don’t warrant a position in the White House, let alone a blog post that sings his praises.

Whether it’s attacking traditional sources of energy or Fox News, Beinecke was clearly picked for Obama’s oil spill panel because of her political affiliation, not her relevant industry expertise.

Her job on the panel is to offer up a conclusion that’s already been made. That makes this commission a joke and makes it next to impossible to actually get a fair reading of the facts.

While the Obama administration, too, isn’t known for its experience (the spill in the Gulf has showcased that) it’s becoming increasingly evident they’re prisoners of their ideology, even in a crisis. Ms. Beinecke is no different.

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