We Shouldn't Fear Terror Trials In NYC

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made the argument for the terror trial to be held in New York when he said of the verdict in the World Trade Center bombing trial, "the verdict demonstrates that New Yorkers won't meet violence with violence, but with a far greater weapon -- the law."

And: "it should show that our legal system is the most mature legal system in the history of the world, that it works well, that that is the place to seek vindication if you feel your rights have been violated," said Giuliani.

Here is the former federal prosecutor and Mayor of New York acknowledging that the rule of law is what makes America a very special country. It is integral to that rule of law that it be applied as fairly and uniformly as we are able.

We must remember that we are on an international stage -- New York is at center of that stage. Our application of the law is envied by billions of people around the world. We cannot allow our fear to dissuade us from showing the world that our system works. If we cannot choose when and where to hold this trial then the terrorists achieve another victory.

The choice of having a trial in New York is a difficult one. President Obama and all of those involved in the decision certainly recognize the dangers involved for the people of New York. As a New Yorker I shared in the experience of the 9/11 attack. I do not need the federal trial in New York to remind me of that tragic day.

As I commute through Grand Central Terminal the National Guard troops in battle gear and members of the NYPD dressed in black carrying automatic weapons are a daily reminder of the war on terror. As to the danger this trial will present I have confidence in the ability of these men and women to keep us safe.

It is also an unfortunate truth that we have been through terrorist trials before in New York City. The prosecutors as well as the federal and city law enforcement officials are experienced and are prepared. There is probably no other location in the United States better prepared for this trial than New York.

Some argue that the trial puts New York at the center of the terrorist target. I would argue that we have always been there and we will not let fear rule the day.

Joe Slakas is a Democratic political consultant and fundraiser. He is a frequent guest in FoxNews.com's "The Strategy Room."