Voters Are Fed Up and Not Just In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts the race for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s senate seat is breaking in favor of the Republicans on the eve of the election. Democrat Martha Coakley is trailing Republican Scott Brown and even leaned on the star-power of President Obama this weekend to try and catch up to Brown. Unfortunately for Coakley, it does not appear to be enough to keep the seat for the Democrats.

The momentum is clearly with Brown heading into the home stretch. The energy and enthusiasm is with Brown as independents are breaking 2-1 for the Republican and Democrats appear to be giving up 20% of their own votes to Brown. This is no surprise given the election landscape this year as voters are fed up with the spending by Congress. Such spending is epitomized by the unpopular health care bill Congress is trying to push through before seating Brown if he is elected.

Doug Schoen is a Fox News contributor, pollster and author of "The Political Fix." (Henry Holt).